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Hey y'all! I'm Blair - nice to *online* meet you. Here's a little bit about myself...

In the summer of 2008, my older sister, Elle, started filming makeup tutorials and uploading them to YouTube. To be honest, I thought it was a bit strange to film yourself in your bedroom and upload it to the internet o__O but hey, to each their own, yeah? Elle pushed me to start creating them too and even helped me film and edit my first ten or so videos. I quickly became obsessed and was working at a fast food restaurant to purchase beauty products to film reviews on and tutorials with. As my makeup collection grew, so did my library of videos. Seven and a half years later I have over six hundred videos between my two channels. What started as strictly makeup tutorials has turned into an entire lifestyle channel. I do videos on everything from beauty and fashion to DIY and crafts, home decor, cooking, traveling and even some random personal life stories and vlogs.

Elle is not only my sister, but she's also my best friend, confidant, inspiration, partner in crime and mentor. She recently got engaged to YouTube musician Alex Goot so we're busy planning a wedding in our spare time! As the maid of honor, I have a lot of duties on my hands. I'm helping with everything, but specifically in charge of bridemaids dresses and accessories, the bridal shower, and of course, the bachelorette party!

Elle and I cowrote two novels that are loosely based on our lives. Beneath the Glitter came out in September 2012 and the sequel, Where Beauty Lies, was released in August, 2013. Both books follow the London Sisters, Sophia and Ava, as they move to Los Angeles to dive into the beauty and fashion industry. Sound familiar?

I was born in Augusta, Georgia, then lived in New Orleans for a bit but was in Kingsport, Tennessee by the time I was seven years old. When people ask me where I'm from, I always say Tennessee, and consider it my home and where I was raised. My mom, dad and little sister still live there, so I get to go back and visit quite often. Elle and I moved out to LA about five years ago, and recently purchased  homes in the same neighborhood out in Southern California! I cannot wait to move in and you know I'll keep you updated on everything with the house. I can't wait to start doing tours of all the rooms and show how I decorate and organize.

I have a yorkie named Tedward "Teddy Bear" Fowler who may just be the cutest pup on the planet.

I had a tiny role in my first movie, Disney's PROM, when I was 17. Since then I've had a few cameos here and there, but nothing too significant. This past year was when I started to take acting a bit more seriously. I booked the role of Jess in Sharknado 3 and got to film in Orlando, FL for ten days in February. The movie premiered in July and was such a incredible experience. In September I was back on set playing Bethany in the film adaptation of Jessica Darling's It List, which will be released next fall.

My dad and I recently got back from filming The Amazing Race Season 28! The season will premiere on CBS on Friday, Feburary 12. I can't say too much about it yet, but when the episodes are airing I'll be able to give you guys all the inside scoop as well as exclusive clips and photos. Make sure to check back for lots of videos and blogs about my time racing around the world with my dad. It was seriously a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to see it!
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  1. Hi Blair,
    I see that Elle is leaning towards a more minimal lifestyle by clearing out and organizing her space. Are you on the same mentality?


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